24 - 27

This year, for my birthday, we took a trip to Bingley. Salts Mill is nearby, in Saltaire. It's full of art supplies, books, and lots of pieces by David Hockney. St. Ives Estate was another highlight, full of woodlands. The whole trip was a good opportunity to slow down for a few days. The lovely weather helped, of course.


My grandmother insisted on picking some flowers for my girlfriend. Later, we wanted to arrange and photograph them. We then had these photographs printed onto canvases to give to my grandmother.


In Nottingham, I met with Naoyuki, the craftsman who built my Ondomo. He is a lovely gentleman from Japan. We upgraded my instrument and, of course, talked at length about the ondes Martenot. He and I are both grateful to his friend for allowing us to litter his kitchen with tools and parts. When we had re-assembled my instrument for the third or fourth time, Naoyuki insisted that I play for his friend, since he had never heard one played in person before. 


The weather was good, so I set out to take some photographs. I spied a nice fir tree, and took several photographs of it. I found myself quite enamoured by the areas of the photographs that weren't in focus, so I spent some time processing some crops of one photograph in particular.