There is a house in Windermere, in which lies a lovely upright piano. I first tried this piano at the very beginning of 2015 while on a small holiday with some friends. I enjoyed it so much that I went back for a weekend to record some old pieces, and write some new ones. I tried a different working process that essentially involved not getting caught up in the minutia, and being determinedly content with what was recorded. Surprisingly, this approach worked rather well. I learnt a few things and have a few recordings to show for it. 

There are 11 short piano pieces recorded over 2 days. Some pieces are several years old, and some were written during the weekend. Two pieces that didn't make it into this collection were later released, you can find them in 'Rothay Water'.

'Dalbeathie' was collected by the British Library in 2017 for preservation in the Sound & Moving Image collection. It is also available as a free download, or you can choose to pay any conceivable amount for it.

Released February 28th 2015