The respect shown by Semans underlines the beauty of the area...
— A Closer Listen, April 2017

Fairy Glen is a composition created using stereophonic recordings taken in the North-West of England, more specifically; Fairy Glen in Parbold. Over the piece’s 25-minute duration, the listener is guided through the unique acoustic ecology of the biological heritage site from the opening of the glen, near the A5209, southwards towards Finch Lane.

The piece includes various microphone and hydrophone captured sounds of the watercourse, the wildlife, and even extraneous sounds from nearby road and air traffic. Whether or not these extraneous sounds are a part of Fairy Glen’s acoustic ecology was one of the questions put forward in a presentation of this piece in 2016.

Informed by the work of Chris Watson, Bernie Krause, and Barry Truax, and thorough primary research involving discussions with Ian Rawes of The London Sound Survey and Stuart Fowkes of Cities and Memory, this piece provided an opportunity to experiment with an interesting combination of subject matter, materials, and compositional technique.

This piece was nominated for a Creative Focus award in 2016 and collected by the British Library in 2017 for preservation in the Sound & Moving Image collection. In April, 2017, A Closer Listen wrote about this piece in their article, Field Trip Day Two ~ Fairy Tales.

This piece is available as a free download, or you can choose to pay any conceivable amount for it.

Released February 23rd 2017