A Concert on March 30th

In the evening of March 30th, Joshua and I played pieces by Messiaen and Satie at a small concert in our village. It was the first performance that we had given to an audience more than 200-strong.

It felt incredibly natural, more like everyone in the room was sharing in something, not just watching us perform. We have both agreed that it felt like nothing else we've experienced. 

A handful of people talked to me afterwards; they all said many lovely things, not just comments about the unusual instrument, but also about how they felt a genuine response to it all. People were very enthusiastic about it. To have shared the sound of the ondes Martenot with nearly 200 people in a small village in the north of England was a profound honour. 

A mesmeric performance. The sound of the ondes Martenot has a human subtlety and a crystal purity.
— Francis S.
It was good to listen to a ‘new’ instrument playing a familiar piece.
— Emma T.
...beautifully haunting...
— Nigel S.