Christine Ott in Manchester & Leeds

On November 5th, I had the pleasure of seeing Christine Ott perform an intimate, largely improvised set, alongside Mathieu Gaubry at The Eagle Inn in Manchester. Other performers from Gizeh Records contributed to the night, and there was some very interesting stuff happening on that tiny stage.

Christine performed using her ondes musicales, a replica of a Mk. 7 ondes Martenot, while Mathieu piloted a KORG MS2000, a Nord piano, and an Ondomo.

Christine and Mathieu's performance really got me thinking about improvisation, and other similar aspects of music that I hadn't fully embraced before. There were times during Christine's improvisation with the ondes Martenot in which I felt a very deep connection with her, and her musical decisions, wether they were conscious or not. Parts of the evening felt very transcendental to me.

On the 6th, Christine performed her impressive soundtrack to the 1931 film 'TABU' in Leeds Town Hall for the Leeds International Film Festival, making use of a lovely grand piano, her ondes musicales, and various percussion instruments. Christine and I spent some time together after both of the shows, and we got on very well. Christine and Mathieu are both very talented musicians, and it was pleasure to spend some time with both of them,