Meeting Naoyuki in Nottingham / Ondomo Upgrades

The Ondomo is a lovely instrument, and each one has been hand-built by Naoyuki in Asakusa, Japan. Naoyuki's work ethic is impressive, and he is eager to refine and upgrade the Ondomo with new parts.

I met Naoyuki in Nottingham, and we drove to his friend's house. I walked into the kitchen to see new parts ready to be fitted to my instrument, and lots of tools to fit them with. I chipped in where I could, and eagerly observed Naoyuki working on the instrument he built.

Of course, we talked at length about the ondes Martenot, how different iterations of the instrument altered and improved certain mechanisms, and how Maurice Martenot strived to constantly improve his instrument. One thing in particular that I had questions about was the inner workings of the touche d'intensité, and when, exactly, Maurice changed from the mysterious bag of powder to the more modern magnetic system. 

He and I are both grateful to his friend Dave for allowing us to litter his kitchen with tools and parts. When we had re-assembled my instrument for the third or fourth time, Naoyuki insisted that I play for Dave, who had never heard one played in person before. Sharing the ondes Martenot with people never ceases to be a pleasure, wether it is hundreds of people at a concert, or two people in a kitchen.