Interviewed for The Economist

On the afternoon of March 4th, I received an email from Ed, a journalist. He was beginning to write an article for The Economist to coincide with the April premier of Thomas Adès' opera, 'The Exterminating Angel' based on Luis Bunuel's film of the same name.

This opera makes use of the ondes Martenot, more specifically a Mk. 1 Ondea played by Cynthia Millar. Ed wanted to know more about the ondes Martenot, so took to the internet to see what information was out there. He ended up finding me, and we arranged a phone interview, which ended up lasting longer than either of us expected! 

The article was eventually published in April, and you can read it here. I went to see 'The Exterminating Angel' in May, and you can read a little about that here.