A Concert in Cardiff's Millennium Centre

In one of the Millennium Centre's smaller theatres, I accompanied the Quaynotes Choir and performed some pieces by Messiaen and Saint-Saens with my close friend and collaborator, Joshua Gidney, on the piano.

The evening was a success, and our performance was met with the most incredible atmosphere and applause from members of the audience and the Quaynotes choir. 

I made time at the end of the evening to answer questions, and give people a chance to play my instrument, the Ondomo. It was an honour, as always, to introduce people to the ondes Martenot. The enthusiasm with which people asked questions, and the sincerity of their compliments was touching.

The lush sound of the ondes with its sweeping glissandos was played sensitively and skilfully by Josh.
— Jane G.
As an electronic engineer, the ondes Martenot reminds me of technology and music working together.
— Jerome C.
I was completely captivated and pleasantly surprised by how moving and expressive the sound was.
— Mari√© N.