Recording with Billie Ray Martin

Following a host of emails and Skype conversations, a studio in Hackney became my home for three days while I wrote and recorded ondes Martenot parts with Billie Ray Martin for one of her upcoming projects.

There were other musicians involved, some drummers and piano players, we all had a great time. I was set up in a corner of my own, and ran the ondes through a few effects pedals and a Vox AC30. There is a particular section of a particular song that was an absolute blast to play and record, and it features some sounds that are unlike anything I've heard the ondes Martenot make before. 

In between sessions, and as other folks were recording things, I had plenty of chances to sit and chat with everyone, including the studio's feline staff. I feel that each of us was pushed into territory that we hadn't ever really explored, and it was an incredibly valuable musical experience for me.