Here are two pieces that were recorded in the same weekend as 'Dalbeathie', but didn't end up in the final release for one reason or another.

'Rothay Water' was, in it's original form, a very bare sketch. Here it is presented with additional instrumentation, mostly electric guitars played using various techniques, processed in various ways. 'Bridge House' makes use of a compositional technique that I intended, at the time, to investigate further. One day I will, I am sure. 

The video for Rothay Water made use of images projected through liquids. The video consists solely of the resulting patterns and textures, and how the light interfered with the cameras sensors to produce unusual banding effects.

These pieces were collected by the British Library in 2017 for preservation in the Sound & Moving Image collection.

This little collection of pieces is available as a free download, or you can choose to pay any conceivable amount for it. 

Released February 28th 2016