...a stunning reworking...
— @CreativeLancs, December 2016

In December 2016 I was commissioned by Creative Lancashire to create a piece of music to top off their 'CreativeXMAS' project. This project supported creative practitioners across Lancashire by sharing their work on each day of advent. This instrumental arrangement of the classic 'Silent Night' is what I produced for them. A link to the piece was shared through Creative Lancashire's email list on Christmas Day.

I had been meaning to record my arrangement of this piece for a while, and this commission gave me the opportunity not only to spend time producing the piece, but also to distribute it to creative practitioners across Lancashire. Music is a very significant part of Christmas, for me. The idea of this little piece playing in some folks homes at Christmas is a touching one.

This piece was collected by the British Library in 2017 for preservation in the Sound & Moving Image collection and is available as a free download, or you can choose to pay any conceivable amount for it. 

Released December 25th 2016